Ocean Energy

Ocergy develops fit-for-purpose floating systems for energy production. We focus on low cost, ease of fabrication and offshore operations.

Ocean Farming

Ocergy provides solutions with industry partners to enable ocean farming in deep waters - where environmental challenges are minimized.

Ocean Monitoring

Ocergy provides offshore meteorological and environmental monitoring using state-of-the-art technologies and instrumentation packages.

Ocean Cleaning

Ocergy participates in the global effort to clean our oceans through its technologies and expertise.


Offshore Wind

Ocergy’s staff of renowned experts in the offshore wind industry are available to help on all of your projects.  

Marine Hydromechanics

Ocergy’s staff includes leading experts in hydrodynamics. We can help you solve your complex fluid-structure interaction problems.

Offshore Project Execution

Ocergy’s principals have successfully managed all phases of major offshore projects — from early design to operation.

Naval Architecture

Ocergy’s staff have worked on a wide range of non-traditional floaters, from the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean to emergency landing of ocean-going helicopters...