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About Ocergy



The Executive team is composed of floating wind veterans with significant offshore structures and floating wind technical expertise. Inventors and developers of the WindFloat Technology, Alexia Aubault, Christian Cermelli and Dominique Roddier created Ocergy in late 2019 to further reduce the cost of floating wind technology. They designed the OCG-Wind for industrialization with light weight, modularity and rapid assembly, and aim to bring better data to the design teams and environmental stakeholders with the OCG-Data. Aude joined the team in 2022 bringing to the team her strong financial background.

Dominique Roddier


Christian Cermelli


Alexia Aubault


Aude Carlson




Ocergy is a U.S. corporation. The board is made of distinguished industry experts with wide-ranging background and expertise to ensure the Ocergy leadership team is well supported.

Dominique Roddier

Director and Board Chairman

Wolfgang Wandl

Preferred Director, representing Moreld Ocean Wind

Troy Helming

External Director

Alexia Aubault

Corporate Secretary

Ryan Owen

Board Observer

Stephanie Smith

Board Advisor

Kristian Ravn

Board Advisor

Aude Carlson

Ocergy CFO

Thomas Hansteen

Moreld Ocean Wind CFO



Ocergy’s team includes amazing engineers, project managers and support staff. Our technical team is diverse, ranging from industry experts to talented young engineers. The company has a dual core, in Oakland, California and Aix-en-Provence, France. Ocergy is a dynamic organization where everyone plays a key role and is an intrinsic part of the company’s success. We enjoy flexible hours and work location, sailing trips and our yearly companywide offsite meeting. Together, we work hard to expand our growing reputation for innovation and quality.