OCERGY Open Positions

Ocergy’s mission is to develops Sustainable Offshore Solutions that contribute to solving climate change by reducing our carbon footprint while enabling the harvesting of renewable energies.

Ocergy is a technology developer in the floating offshore wind space. The team is split over both the US and Europe, with strong presence in California and the South of France.

The company was founded in 2019 and has currently a staff of 15 and is expected to continue its growth over the next few years

Our team shares a common vision: We strive to create value by:

  • Achieving industry recognition in successful project execution
  • Developing sustainable technologies
  • Bringing renewable resources into our energy mix
  • Adopting green principles in our activities

Our success will be the success of a a colossal new sustainable industry and will open an era of responsible and renewable development of the earth ocean resources

Our work environment

Ocergy is a young startup with the aim to become one of the leaders in the offshore renewable space. Founded by very experienced industry veterans, the team is looking for talented and passionate individuals that want to participate in ensuring that our global energy generation will come from zero-emission sources before the mid-century..

The technologies developed by Ocergy are innovative and relevant to rapidly expanding global floating wind market.

Ocergy’s staff is chosen carefully to ensure the team is talented and coherent, and excited to work together. The company is virtual, with everyone working remote. We have flexible schedules and hours to adapt to our global presence and clients.  

Why join us?

Ocergy is proud of fostering a culture of performance which means we seek to recruit people who are not only technically competent but also globally minded, innovative, and able to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to support our success as a company. Employing the best professionals from the widest pool of talent possible is at the heart of our strategy, which includes delivering an excellent quality of service to our clients worldwide. Ocergy is committed to develop an inclusive culture, highlighting diversity and supporting the career progression of all its employees.