OCERGY Open Positions

Ocergy’s mission is to develops Sustainable Offshore Solutions that contribute to solving climate change by reducing our carbon footprint while enabling the harvesting of renewable energies.

Our team shares a common vision: We strive to create value by:

  • Achieving industry recognition in successful project execution
  • Developing sustainable technologies
  • Bringing renewable resources into our energy mix
  • Adopting green principles in our activities

Our success will be the success of a a colossal new sustainable industry and will open an era of responsible and renewable development of the earth ocean resources

Senior Naval Architect Position

Ocergy is looking for an experienced naval architect to join its team. 

The position: 

The senior naval architect will be responsible for the research, development, and analysis activities in terms of hull motion response and loadings for floating technologies at Ocergy. The scope will include: 

  • Managing the R&D scope for global sizing of floating structures and load/performance analysis, including control systems 
  • Deploying R&D in engineering projects 
  • Taking responsibility for global sizing, loading and motion analysis for specific projects 
  • Reporting load and performance for specific projects to clients 
  • Interfacing with various project stakeholders (in particular turbine manufacturers) 

Ocergy is a small company, and there is opportunity to work closely with other disciplines, particularly on the control system and mechanical engineering side as well as on the structural design side.  

Successful candidate will: 

  • be proficient in numerical hydrodynamic methods and motion analysis and have experience sizing and analyzing floating platforms 
  • be familiar with the working of a modern 3-bladed wind turbine and its aerodynamic loading  
  • write clear design methodologies and reports 
  • communicate clearly and effectively in English, in remote working situations 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Minimum Master of Science in Naval Architecture or Mechanical Engineering with relevant experience. PhD preferred. 
  • Candidate must be authorized to work in the U.S. 
  • Knowledge of OrcaFlex or similar time-domain tools  
  • Proficiency with Python, Matlab-like programs, and other coding languages 
  • Familiarity with offshore wind industry standards for floating structures as well as with general class rules for offshore structures, and experience with design certification 

If you have 5-15 years of experience in design and analysis of floating structures for offshore wind energy or similar applications and want to apply your skills to further offshore renewable energies, please apply by sending your resume and cover letter. 

Full time remote working position. 

Remuneration commensurate with experience, with full benefit package. 

To apply:

Send resume and letter of motivation to ocgjobhydro2101@ocergy.com